Home Automation & Intelligent Lighting

Home Automation & Smart Lights

Today, we are taking a look at one of our many services for properties in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors – Home Automation & Intelligent Lighting.

Thanks to recent advancements in lighting & electrical technology, Purcer Electrical Services can source, install & maintain a variety of home automation & intelligent lighting systems.

Home automation encompasses many different areas including Lighting, Heating Units, blind/curtain control, window control, Energy Management, Security Installations like CCTV and Entertainment. Thanks to home automation technology, we can now control these different areas from central control panels & even our mobile phones through an application.

Intelligent or Smart Lighting allows for creative domestic lighting solutions throughout your property. Instead of having a light of a single switch, Intelligent lighting allows for the creation of mood lighting which can be control through a dedicated control panel or your mobile phone or tablet with an application.

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